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Aborigines Cares

With the goal of comprehensively incorporating the principles of ecotourism into the overall guest experience, we at Aborigines Beach Resort have integrated social and environmental concerns in our business operations. This is reflected in our mission "To work with the communities in locations where we operate in improving their lives through a leadership driven corporate social responsibility charter." We have various sustainable CSR projects aimed at supporting the local communities and empowering them for sustainable development as well as environmental conservation.

Our corporate conscience is hinged on three key pillars; education, health and environment. We have continued to strengthen our relationship with key stakeholders in destinations where we operate. Aborigines Cares Initiative will seek to involve our guests in contributing towards sustainable interventions in supporting communities where we operate become self-sufficient.


Resource Efficiency

Daylight and natural ventilation access in all regularly occupied spaces

Passive cooling techniques include building orientation and wood screens to filter sunlight and reduce energy usage

Our cooking processes are designed to minimize food waste and our state-of-the-art cold rooms and refrigeration facilities are geared to avoid spoilage.

Aborigines Beach Resort's Solar Project will see the resort running on 100% solar energy by December 2023.

Vegetable Basket


Local Sourcing

We source most of our food ingredients locally in Ghana to maintain sustainability. Our fish and vegetable products are sourced from local fishermen and farmers with a reputation for international standards and products free of harmful chemicals. The farm to plate concept is at the heart of our culinary operation.


Community Development Projects

Our corporate conscience towards community is hinged on three key pillars; education, health and sustainence. In Keta, we have contributed towards building Sekanani School and continue to assist the progress of students,

Eco site design

No site lights point towards the beach – the lights are all shielded and directed away from turtle nesting areas.

Eco Reserve Water Park

Approx. 75% of the site is dedicated to landscaping using native species that can thrive without irrigation, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. By planting native species, the coastal landscape is restored, and habitats have been created for native birds and nesting sea turtles.

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