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Aborigines Loyalty Program


1. What is Aborigines Loyalty Program?

Aborigines Loyalty Program is a points based 3 tier program that rewards you the member for being a valued and frequent guest of Aborigines Beach Resort. The Aborigines Loyalty program allows you to earn points at any of our properties, these points can be redeemed for exciting choices of reward options.

2. How do I join Aborigines Loyalty Program?

Joining is easy and free to become a part of this amazing program. Simply visit our Aborigines Loyalty program website https://www.aboriginesbeachresort/loyalty and click on "Become a Member". Enter your personal information and you immediately become a member and are now on your way to enjoying a world of rewards from free nights to complimentary spa treatments and many more at any of our Aborigines Beach Resort.

3. Why should I join Aborigines Loyalty Program?

The program offers members enticing benefits which include:

  • Redeeming points for free nights,

  • Room upgrades

  • Spa treatments

  • 48 Hour Guaranteed Room availability,

  • High Speed Internet in the room

  • Late Check-out

Visit our Aborigines page https://www.aboriginesbeachresort/loyalty for many more

4. How do I earn Aborigines Loyalty points?

Members can earn Aborigines Loyalty points easily by staying at any of Aborigines Beach Resort participating properties. All you need is to sign up for free and points are automatically awarded to your account after your eligible stay or spend in the Restaurants, Bar, on Laundry and Spa services and Health Club membership.

5. What is an eligible stay?

- An eligible stay is a room booked directly through Aborigines Beach Resort Reservations or Aborigines office by the member or corporate company.

- Accommodation booked through Travel agents bookings will not be eligible for points.

- In situations where a special offer is running a Member will still earn points on accommodation.

- Members booked for conferences/events or groups but paying for self will earn points on their stay.

- Members booked through conferences/events/banquets or Groups and Tours and paid for by third party will not earn points.

6. How many points do members earn per stay?

A member will earn 1 point for every 10 Ghana Cedis spend excluding taxes.

7. Can I earn points on other parts of my hotel bill, like restaurant, spa, or gift shop?

Yes, a member will earn points on specified services accommodation, Restaurant, Bar, Spa and Laundry.

8. What can I not earn points on?

A member cannot earn points on events, conferences, weddings or outside catering or any third party booking.

9. Can I earn points if I book a room for someone else?

Yes! A member can earn points for up to 3 rooms as long as one room is occupied by the member and paying for all the rooms.

Redemption of points will only be awarded to a Loyalty Club member enrolled. Ensure that the email address is attached to the reservation.

10. What can I get for my points?

We are pleased to offer our members a wide variety of items to redeem with their Loyalty points, including free nights at Aborigines Beach Resort, redeeming of restaurants bills, and more. We will be constantly adding new things to our redemption rewards menu.

11. How many points do I need to redeem for a free night?

Just as with varying room rates, redemption points will also vary. Redemption points may increase or decrease depending on slow periods or times of demand. It may take more points to redeem during a busy or peak season. More details on the rewards will be on the website on https://www.aboriginesbeachresort/loyalty

12. How do I redeem my points for awards?

A member can easily redeem his/her points by logging into his/her profile at https://www.aboriginesbeachresort/loyalty and either request a stay or choose the item he/she would like to redeem. Or contact Aborigines Loyalty office during normal business hours (9:00 am - 6:00 pm) and our team will be happy to assist! For room reservations, guests must redeem at least 48 hours prior to the desire check-in date.

13. Can I redeem my Loyalty points for cash?

Aborigines Loyalty points have no cash value. The points can be redeemed for free nights or Gift items on Spa or Restaurant offered on our redemption rewards menu.

14. What if I have points but not enough for a free night? Can I use my points and pay the rest in cash?

Your Loyalty account must have enough points to cover the entire requested redemption stay or night. Members cannot use partial points and part cash for a redemption stay.

15. Am I only allowed to redeem for a limited number of free nights?

No. If you have sufficient points to cover each night, you can book as many free nights as you would like.

16. Can my spouse or family use my Loyalty card to earn or redeem points in my absence?

No. The card is non- transferable and strictly personal and can only be used by the registered member whose names appear on the card. The card cannot be loaned to any other person even to a spouse.

17. Are points or benefits transferable?

No. Points are not transferable, similarly benefits aligned on member card are exclusive for the member whose names appear on the card.

18. What if I need to cancel or make changes to a reservation booked with Loyalty points?

Members can easily contact Front desk office to make changes or cancellations for any Reservations made. Changes or cancellations to redemptions MUST be made five days prior to scheduled arrival or a one night worth points will be forfeited. Email us at or telephone number +233 540 272 600 or +233 502 836 368 and we will be happy to assist.

19. Can I return the gift voucher I redeemed with my Loyalty points?

This will be managed as a cancellation or amendment provided that the Loyalty team are notified 5 days before the date of utilizing the voucher

20. How many rooms can I reserve and still receive Loyalty Points?

Members can book up to three eligible rooms for the dates and earn points on them. In order to receive points, the member will need to be in house and pay for all the eligible rooms.

21. I signed up for the Loyalty Program after I stayed. Can I still receive points for my stay?

Yes, Loyalty points will be awarded to guests who join the program within a Month of signing for the program after they check out of the hotel, they will require to provide a backup bill /invoice for the stay. The points for this stay will be backdated.

22. Do I have a Loyalty program account number?

Yes, upon registration the email unique identifier member has used will automatically register and member will be asked to create password to access your account. The email address will be your Aborigines Loyalty program password ID. Always ensure you use this email address when making reservations.

23. Will the hotel's Front desk or Reservations office team members have access to my points?

Our Front Desk and Reservations Team members will be able to see points balance, points awarded in the last 30 days and points redeemed in the last 30 days through the Back-end Guest Portal. Though any Changes or updates on Member account can only be made by the member or Aborigines Loyalty team.

24. How do I check my points balance?

Aborigines Loyalty Club members can check their points balance any time by logging in to their account, accessing the Guest portal and clicking on preferred icon to verify Stay points or to Redeem points.

25. I didn't receive the points for my last stay. What should I do?

If you do not see appropriate points awarded to your account within seven business days, please go to missing stays and send email to Aborigines office at or call us on +233 540 272 600 or +233 502 836 368 and we will follow up on the same.

26. If I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please direct all your questions to Aborigines Loyalty Member Services telephone numbers +233 540 272 600 or +233 502 836 368 or email us at Normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Saturday 9:00 am- 12.00 pm.

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