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Fun times ahead

Sun, sand and surf await you at our tropical paradise.

Make your trip all the more memorable when you enjoy close encounters with nature at its best. We offer our guests an authentic array of exciting experiences, with something for every adventurer, nature-lover and max-relaxer.

Endless Activities & Attractions

Outdoor Sports and Recreation

Get outside and play with an array of sports and activities for the whole family at Aborigines Beach Resort. 

Active physical activities include beach quad biking, horse riding, playing sports such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, cricket, and many more.

Guests can also enjoy sunrise walks or jogging along the clean beach as part of a workout or relaxation.

Wellness & Relaxation

Our guests can enjoy a host of relaxing activities including but not limited to watching birds and laying on pool chairs. Some guests find meditation, yoga, and reading books very relaxing.


We can arrange for a wide selection of rejuvenating treatments: massages, manicures, pedicures, hot stone therapy and reflexology. 48 hours advance booking is strictly required.

Eyes Closed

Water Sports

Aborigines offerings of water sports include a full range of motorized and non‑motorized water sports.

We offer speed boats for guests’ enjoyment, jet skiing and surfing to exhilarate guests and sea and swimming pool swimming to get our guests’ hearts warmed up. Our pool is perfect for both water workouts and relaxing too.

Aborigines Beach offers a beautiful playground where guests can while away a few hours taking on some of the fun-filled activities at the water sports center.

Beach Camping

Lush coconut palms against a backdrop of white sand and clear tropical waters make Aborigines Beach Resort's campground one of the most popular in Ghana.

You can enjoy the scenic beauty, stroll along the beach, relax or explore the nearby alcoves. You can also do bird watching during the day, stay in camp all day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks, with a myriad of activities to keep you engaged.

The sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles and watching the sunrise and sunset.

Aborigines Beach Resort Fort Prizenstein Keta.jpg

Sightseeing Excursion

The resort can arrange external excursions for guests to tour Keta and its environs. The region has great and beautiful tourist sites which comprise old historic places as well as modern beautifully designed ones.

Key places of close proximity are Fort Prizenstein, the Artokor Slave Market, the Keta Lagoon, Bird Sanctuary, mangrove swamps and the Cape St. Paul Lighthouse.

Fitness & Health (COMING SOON)

The luxurious exercise center at Aborigines Beach Resort features cardio and strength-training equipment, ensuring your workout routine remains strong even while on vacation. The gymnasium offers a range of state-of-the-art exercise equipment including cross trainers, exercise cycles, free weights, multi gym, rowing machines and treadmills, free of charge to guests. There are also highly qualified instructors on demand to assist you in your workout.

Gym Workout

Cultural Immersion

The Keta area and its environs is home to the wonderfully hospitable Ewe people, who have made this land their home for more than 1000 years. As part of the Aborigines Beach Resort experience, we believe in creating a human bridge between our beachfront abode and the local communities so that the flow of benefits to these communities motivates them to protect these precious resources. 

We organize cultural performances and storytelling from the locals for our guests and on request we can take you to the town so that you can experience how the Ewe people go about their day-to-day lives.

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